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Portfolio Management Framework

Setting up and Running Portfolios of Work

No company has the resources to meet all of its business needs. A portfolio management process provides a way to select, prioritize, authorize and manage the totality of work in the organization. This includes work that has been completed, work in-progress and work that has been approved for the future.

Managers that do not understand how their budgets are spent, and who cannot validate that scarce resources are assigned to work that is of the most value, will find themselves under greater scrutiny and second-guessing in the future. Portfolio management can help your organization answer some of the most basic, yet difficult, questions regarding work performed and value provided.

TenStep has a predefined model for implementing portfolio management in your organization using our ten step model:

When you manage your work as a portfolio, you change the emphasis from the costs of each initiative to the value provided. If the value (and alignment) is right, the work will get authorized. If the value is not there, the work should be eliminated.   

*** PortfolioStep ***

PortfolioStep is a TenStep internal methodology.  We do not license it to companies or individuals unless we are working with a company on a services engagement. Click here for more information.

TenStep can help you understand how to best optimize portfolio management within your organization - using our model that results in a Value-Add Portfolio. Click here to download an overview of PortfolioStep.

Our services include:

  • A one-day session to show you the basics of portfolio management and to get you thinking of some of the fundamental decisions you need to make.

  • Facilitated sessions that will help you define the portfolio model that best meets your needs.

  • A complete and customized business planning process that will determine the work that gets added to the portfolio.

  • A framework to manage the portfolio and to deal with new work that arises during the year.

TenStep understands the value of portfolio management and the challenges in optimizing these processes for your organization.  We’ve done it before and we can help you get there. Make sure you don’t miss an important step in the journey. Contact us at admin@TenStep.com for more information.

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